What size of tank should I buy?

The short answer - as big as you reasonably can! Then you're not as dependent on frequent rain to fill your tank, and you'll maximize your savings in water and hand watering time.

A lot also depends on how you will use the water. With a reasonable size garden, roof and a sprinkler system, we suggest a tank of at least 500 litres, preferably 2,000-5,000 litres. If you are only going to use it for hand watering, try to estimate at least fortnight's hand water usage in summer, about 1,000 litres per hour with a tap turned full on.

It is your responsibility to check the state government regulations, as they may frequently change.

Can I drink the rainwater I collect?

Opinions vary on this, especially since factors such as pollution and the material your roof is made of can contaminate water. To be on the safe side it's better not to.

Outdoor water saving ideas

There are many ways you can save water outdoors. Remember that Stage 3A water restrictions still apply in Melbourne and this restricts outdoor water use such as garden watering and washing cars.

Our Products

Compact Rainwater Tank 500 Litres

Single 500 Litre Tank
Compact Rainwater Tank 1500 Litres
1500 Litre Water Tank
Compact Rainwater Tank 3000 Litres
3000 Litre Water Tank

Innovative rainwater tanks that work within your space restrictions to maximise your water
collection Designed to suit your home and maximise your rainwater collection.
Start with one tank and increase your water storage capacity at anytime by adding additional tanks. Position tanks to collect water from every downpipe. Download our brochure with more details below.

500 Litre Brochure .PDF

2000 Litre Slimline Water Tank

2000 Litre Water Tank

2100mm high x 2250mm length x 680mm width
Manufactured using Ultra UV20 Polyethylene which ensures durability and protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Diamond Drop

T&C Precious Water Tanks have a unique system called diamond drop, this ensures that the water level in all Tru-Blu water tanks increase evenly. T&C Precious Water Tanks knows that even water distribution is essential to tank strength and durability.
Not only are T&C Precious Water Tanks durable, great to look at, and strong, but T&C Precious Water Tanks are affordable. Water might be cheap but it is precious you need a tank that will last Call for a T&C Precious Water Tanks.

T&C Precious Water Tanks are backed up by a 15 year replacement warranty, this proves that we stand by our product, which gives you peace of mind and the knowledge your water tank will stand the test of time.
All T&C Precious Water Tanks and products are made from high quality materials. All water tanks are manufactured using Ultra UV20 Polyethylene which ensures durability and protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Tank Colours
T&C Precious Water Tanks are not only Australian owned, most are developed and manufactured in Australia. T&C Precious Water Tanks has some great Tradesmen who pride themselves with perfection in every water tank made. T&C Precious Water Tank designs are unique and will suit any home. This means buying T&C Precious Water Tanks products a safe and wise investment. Please call with any questions you may have.


All Weather Tanks

Our ALL WEATHER Tanks can store from 2000L up to 5000L in a unobtrusive, strong and durable tanks are built to withstand the elements. With its custom designed curved body to reduce dust and dirt collection all year round.

Made from Food Grade UV20 Polyethylene you can be assured of quality water storage for your home and garden. All Weather Tanks unique design incorporates holding ports for easy lifting and manoeuvring as well as 4 x 1” BSP Brass fittings (2 at each end).
2500 Litre Capacity Slimline Tank Made to strict Australian Standards Made from Food Grade UV20 Polyethylene Corrosion Free Unique curved design to reduce dust and dirt collection.

ALL WEATHER 2000 Litre Slimline
Dimensions: 750mm (W) x 2990 (L) x 1200mm (H)
2500 Litre

2000 Litre Slimline
Dimensions: 565mm (W) x 2400 (L) x 2010mm (H)

2500 Litre

2500 Litre Slimline
Dimensions: 740mm (W) x 2350 (L) x 2010mm (H)

2500 Litre


ALL WEATHER 3000 Litre Slimline
Dimensions: 700mm (W) x 2995 (L) x 2010mm (H)

2500 Litre

ALL WEATHER 5000 Litre Round
Dimensions: 1800mm (D) x 2100mm (H)
Round tank comes with an additional 1x¾" Bucket Outlet.

2500 Litre